The legal profession is being presented with many new challenges. Laws and the legal framework which govern the relationship between parties have to be constantly re-examined with the rapid growth and widespread use of technology. The internet revolution has made it imperative for clients, many of whom are at the cutting edge of new technology, to increasingly require multi-faceted and innovative legal solutions to their problems. Legal professionals must therefore not only be legally competent but also technically versatile and able to understand the new landscape to meet the clients' needs and requirements.

Tan Kok Quan Partnership is a law firm that is the result of collaborative efforts to create an organization that is cognisant of the challenges the legal profession faces in the modern era. Its lawyers have kept up with the current modes by which business is transacted and the firm has invested heavily in technological advances in the legal industry. The firm is equipped to meet the needs of the present and is set to meet the challenges of the future.

We extend our hand to a lasting and result-oriented partnership with our clients.

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Meet our Managing Partners
Marina is the Joint Managing Partner of the firm and she is in the Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Practice Group. Her practice covers a wide spectrum of civil and commercial litigation as well as defamation, family law and employment law matters... more
Eddee is the Joint Managing Partner of the firm and he is in the Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution and Banking and Insolvency Practice Groups. Eddee handles a wide spectrum of corporate and commercial litigation cases... more